Positive intention

Everyone wants a happy life. In any culture, religion and society it is peace and happiness we're after. We only don't call it like that very often. We have many ways to express that. Let me explain.

Everything we do in life has a positive intent, apart from what cultural and societal background differences we all have, but within the differences, we are all seeking the same. You might think, well Dolph, you are entering a slippery slope here by saying, 'everything' has a positive intent.

Easiness, stillness, happiness, caring, embracing, warmth, attention and many more, are values we often go after, because we feel absence of it. Why? because we need it! Those are ingredients for social and emotional stability.

It sounds maybe unusual but even in war hides the positive intent. To create a better world! War is a tool to create peace (in that persons mind). War is started because someone wants something positive from it in the end. Peace of mind or social and mental peace, or any piece that comes up in your own unique mind. If you look closely on every intent behind an event you'll be surprised by the positivity that's stuck behind it.

Even bullying has a positive intent. Don't confuse it with a positive result. The intent very often is seeking for attention which could be part of something bigger called brotherhood, with could be part of something greater called acceptance, which could lead to being loved. Its not an excuse to bully but let's stick to the intent of it.

So everyone has its own reasons to feel whole and worthy. But everyone shows it differently and has its different impact. Everyones intent to decide something comes from 'to do good'. In your eyes it might not look like good but from the eye of the beholder it does.

A tool to see positive intents is to look at is from a dissociated perspective. That means not from your perspective, but a another person's perspective where you try to stand in someone else's shoes or even observer's perspective where you could see yourself and the other person from above. From the observers perspective, you'll discover that emotion and judging won't appear as fast as you would look at it than from your own or associated perspective.

Now take a second, close you eyes and look at something you do or have done recently which involves an decision. Look at the intention behind it. Even if you might feel you did it for a bad or negative reasons at first, try to see what the intention was behind that decision.

You don't have to learn having a positive intent. You only have to see it.

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