Dolph started his professional career in 2000 with Fisheye productions and in 2007 he merged with Media Productions owned by Ronald Nije in which he found a solid business partner. Together with Ronald he made Fisheye Media Productions the market leader in the industry on Curaçao and the region. 


Throughout his career as a cinematographer, Dolph van Stapele felt something bigger was about to happen. Shortly after completing one of his biggest projects namely producing and filming of epic motion picture 'Tula, the Revolt', he started assessing the potential of developing a film industry with a full-fledged Film Studio on Curaçao. With the founding of the Curaçao Film Institute (CFI), a vision he had been working on for almost 3 years, Curaçao’s film industry has started to take shape. The foundation has been laid, but not without the help of a terrific team. Dolph van Stapele co-founded CFI with filmmaker and scriptwriter (Double Play), Alaric Smeets and entrepreneurs Robin van Bokhorst, Dorine Baas and Sulin Passial.