Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth


Besides being a filmmaker, Dolph gets very passionate about a couple of other things in life. He teaches the spiritual way of the Buddha by guiding people to spiritual awakening. 

But not only for spiritual seekers! 

Dolph is a coach on individual and group level for personel and business development. His goal lies in getting the thinking mind conscious, which leads in most cases in being less judgmental and shows what happiness really means. 


As a filmmaker he compares real life with a movie. The actor plays a role but he knows that in reality he is not really that character. In our daily life we also play a role but the only difference is that we really think we 'are’ that character. Unhappiness and suffering could strike at any moment as a result and consequently taking for granted that that’s part of life. Life can be tough and we want to deal with that. 


Dolph focusses his skillset on the following:

- your values, your self-image,

- getting grip on the fear of letting-go, the fear of the 'past and the future',

- getting clarity about your goals,

- making your subconscious more conscious, revealing auto pilot,

- your accountability,

- increasing your engagement personally and in your business,

- what does 'now' mean we all talk about,

- the most important thing in his opinion, a happier life. Are you happy or just comfortable?


Feel free to call, app or email me and present your situation. We can call or meet and see how we are going to proceed. I also coach via telephone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. 

My number is +5999 5295822.

* Dolph is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Advanced NLP communication practitioner and Reiki therapist. My approach in general lies not in separation of the skills but as a whole. But you can choose in what skill you feel yourself most comfortable in and we follow that direction. 

The price is $55 per session. 

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